Compassionate Provider Network
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Compassionate Provider Network (CPN) is the trusted not-for-profit source for legal Washington State Medical Marijuana patients in the Seattle metropolitain area. Our mission is to ensure that our patients have a safe and legal means to eliviate or attenuate their sympotoms and/or suffering. We do not advocate or support the use of marijuana by minors or those without a certified physician's written recomendation.


[March 21, 2010]

Major update to the Compassionate Provider Network (CPN) web substantially completed. Please explore the new environment and pardon our dust as we continue to improve the resources. Some areas are not fully functional yet.

[March 19, 2010]

Began CPN web update. Focusing on user friendly navigation, functionality, and esthetic appeal.

[August 05, 2009]

Meeting of CPN Directors to establish Patients First  Policy, Ethical Standards, and implement the CPN Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Program.

[August 01, 2009]

Founding of the Compassionate Provider Network (CPN).

About this site

The Compassionate Provider Network (CPN) is a not-for-profit medical cannabis (marijuana) information provider for legally-qualified patients since 2009.

We provide a community-based solution for the need to safe access to medicine for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and other serious illness. Compassionate Provider Network (CPN) is organized to serve patients in the Greater Seattle area.

The Compassionate Provider Network (CPN) is committed to providing the highest quality medicine and outstanding service to our patients. Furthermore, we are committed to the development, advancement and protection of a community-based model for safe access to medicinal cannabis.   

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